Sunday, April 23, 2017

B) The Use of Video in ESL teaching and learning


Teaching ESL learners is indeed challenging. Hence, in coping with the challenges, ESL instructors are constantly looking for innovative idea to enhance the teaching and learning, specifically in ESL classroom. One of the examples of their creativeness in making the lesson more interesting is through the utilisation of teaching aid such as pictures, actual objects, songs, and others. With the advancement of technology, the use of video to facilitate ESL teaching and learning is also popular among ESL instructors. Besides its ability to offer ESL learners with content, context, and language, video could also be creatively exploited by ESL instructors through various ways and for various language teaching and learning purposes. The fast growing number of websites that offer video sharing services such as YouTube, which is also the most famous one, could offer more opportunities for this practice. This paper will discuss the use of video in ESL teaching and learning and the potential of YouTube as a resource in facilitating this practice among ESL instructors. 

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